Information about my services.

My goal is to help hospitals and practice owners overcome challenges and obstacles common to our field.  I want each hospital to be successful and profitable.

My services can include, but are not limited to:

Compassion Fatigue Training and Coaching

  • Provide virtual or in person compassion fatigue training to help identify compassion fatigue
  • I can discuss burnout, secondary traumatic stress, and compassion fatigue with your team or group of professionals.
  • I can also help provide you with the tools to deal with compassion fatigue and how you can recognize it in others.

CA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

  • Able to provide the required the bi-annual sexual harassment prevention training for both employees and supervisors


Recruitment for veterinary support staff, managers, and doctors.


  • Client communication, working with difficult clients.
  • Inter Staff communication, working collaboratively as a team.
  • Team building.
  • Some computer training depending the on the practice software.
  • Set up phase training within hospital to help make sure that training is completed.
  • Assist in creating training manuals for different departments within the hospital.
  • Assist with coordinating and facilitating staff meetings.
  • Train existing managers to be able to do the above on their own.
  • Evaluate phone conversations
    • Training on “How to turn a phone shopper into a client.”
    • Training on proper phone etiquette.

Hospital Organization

  • Assist with creating employee schedule if needed.
  • Evaluate VMB and OSHA compliance and help make adjustments when needed.
  • Assist in creating SOP’s with practice owner or hospital manager.
  • Evaluate team structure and reorganize when appropriate


  • Hire and onboard new employees
  • Review current policies and protocols to make sure they are legally compliant.
  • Assist or perform in coaching team members to help them grow.
  • Assist or perform write ups when needed.
  • Assist or terminate employees if needed (additional fee if outside normal agreed upon work day).

Financial information

  • Assist or perform payroll if needed.
  • Evaluate basic financial information for the hospital if needed.
  • Evaluate fee structure to see if competitive.
  • Review financial reports to compare industry benchmarks.


  • Evaluate current marketing plan and adjust where appropriate.
  • Create marketing plan individual to each hospital’s needs.
  • Develop and work with current Social Media Plan