Cat Friendly Practice ®

“After working for 12 years at The Cat Care Clinic in the City of Orange, I learned a lot about not only cat behavior, but their owner’s behaviors as well.  Connecting with  cat owners is instrumental in building a hospital’s business.”


You might wonder why a veterinary practice consultant would focus on becoming feline friendly.  The truth is, I love cats and I want every hospital to be good at working with them.  I had the privilege of speaking at the American Association of Feline Practitioners Conference in San Francisco on how hospitals can become “Cat Friendly.”

Would you like to increase your feline patient visits?  Would you like to increase revenue without having to find new clients?  Then consider becoming a Certified Cat Friendly Practice ® .

Most hospitals have “hidden” feline patients, meaning the client is routinely bringing the dog in for annual exams, but leaving the cat at home.  Even though there are more cats than dogs in households, the average hospital see’s less than 35% of cats patients compared to dog patients.  By focusing your efforts on becoming cat friendly you can encourage your cat owners to bring their cats into see you.

Becoming a Cat Friendly Practice ® is a way to not only develop a stronger relationship with your clients, but to also create a calmer more inviting environment for your feline patient.

Please contact me for more information on becoming cat friendly.

Melissa Tompkins, BS, CVPM