Compassion Fatigue Training

Compassion Fatigue Training and Coaching

Burnout is very common in the veterinary field.  Our doctors and team members suffer from incredible loss on a daily basis and it takes its toll.   I created this presentation to help team members deal with this problem.  

  • The focus of the talk is to discuss burnout, secondary traumatic stress, and compassion fatigue.  I help the team understand what the symptoms are, how to identify if they are experiencing any of them, and what to do to improve or even prevent them.  
  • The training can be organized so that it is specific for each hospital that I am providing the training for.  I have the team anonymously share 3 negative things they are experiencing from being a caregiver. In my training I openly discuss the struggles with the entire team.  Sometimes, these things can be hard to hear, but it is so important to really know how the team is doing.  
  • I also use the quality of life questionnaire to help the team understand if they are experiencing burnout, secondary traumatic stress, or compassion fatigue.   I used this information to do a survey in the presentation and share the results with the team.  This is very helpful for the practice owner and the leadership to know where the team is emotionally. 
  • And most importantly we talk about some solutions, and I give them the tools to make it better.