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Introduction to my videos!

Reopening California!
Compassion fatigue and burnout in the veterinary profession
Successes & blunders for veterinary hospital managers during COVID-19

Why it is important to focus on marketing and branding your veterinary hospital

Why you should become a fear free veterinary hospital!

It’s January 2022, do you know all of the Cal OSHA and public health department rules when it comes to dealing with COVID in the workplace? If not check out my video!!

Veterinary Panel Discussion “Changing the Culture in a Toxic Environment”

Cal OSHA’s Revision #3 to the Emergency Temporary Standards! They take effect on 5/6/2022 so check out my video for important information about the changes that will affect your business.

Cal OSHA ETS Revision #3

Cal OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards #3

Cal OSHA’s COVID-19 Non-Emergency Regulations Effective 2/3/2023

California is the final process of dealing with COVID-19 regulations. Please watch my video above for important updates about the new regulations.

See the Cal OSHA link to review the regulations

Safeguarding your Veterinary Practice from Theft, Fraud, and Adulteration
Having Challenging Conversations for Veterinary Managers
Navigating the Veterinary Workforce Crisis
“So, You Want to Become a CVPM?”