Mystery Call Shopping “Phone Shopping”

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Do you know how many clients you are losing because of lack of phone training?  How can you turn a phone shopper into a client?

I provide “mystery call” shopping services where I can contact your hospital and evaluate how your team is answering the phone.

I will call and speak with a receptionist no less than 5 times for specific conditions including:

  • a cat spay
  • Dog neuter
  • Euthanasia appointment
  • Sick pet (either species)
  • General wellness with vaccines (either species).

Once the calls are completed I will type up a summary of my phone calls and send to practice owner and manager.  If the hospital chooses I can come in and go over my findings with the team and provide additional phone training with the team with videos and other information.

The goal is to provide training to your team to make them more effective at answering the phone and turn a “phone shopper” into a client.