"Sometimes, we find the need to reinvent our careers.  Wether it is due to a lay off or you want to do something more. Rhonda is going to show you how to turn that pink slip into a first-class ticket to a better veterinary career!"

"Let’s dish out some real talk about dealing with the sting of termination and tips for a total professional comeback. You'll get the inside scoop on how to reinvent your brand, plus hot new side hustle ideas to pad your paycheck. Before you know it, you'll be launching your next chapter with a shiny new resume and a positive outlook. Wave bye-bye to your old job woes, people! We'll have you back at the top before your former boss can say "regret"!"

Rhonda discovered her passion for veterinary medicine and became a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager, but illness and layoffs led her to redesign her career.

This career pivot motivated her to study how people are creating income diversity through side hustles inside and outside of veterinary medicine. Now, she combines her love of people, pets and practice building through her social media and brand management and consulting business.

Rhonda helps veterinary professionals identify goals for themselves, their businesses, and their online audiences to build careers that are sustaining and purposeful. Her mission is to support both individuals and the veterinary industry.